River City Ransom Rom is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), developed by Technos Japan on April 25, 1989. River City Ransom Rom is the third game in the Kunio-kun series, preceded by Renegade and Super Dodge Ball. The game comes with great changes in its storyline in order to make the video game more playable in the western market.

The plot in the River City Ransom Rom follows high school students, Alex and Ryan, as they cros River City in an attempt to resque their highschool and the girl named Cyndi, Ryan’s girlsfriend, from the clutches of a villian called Slick. On their way to complete the mission, they battle with gangs of students and several gang leaders which act like bosses in the game. Remember this? Maybe this short gameplay preview will help:

River City Ransom Rom is in fact a beat ’em up game with role-playing elements combined with the classic action style. The game is non-linear, allowing you to explore and open world in a sandbox manner. The fight style is similar to Double Dragon , in which players can easily move around the screen while pressing buttons to punch, jump or kick. River City Ransom RomAlso objects as knuckles, pipes or trashcans can be used as melee weapons.

Can I play River City Ransom Rom on my PC?

Of course you can ! River City Ransom Rom can be easily played on your personal computer or laptop.  All you need to do in order to play River City Ransom Rom is get the game files from the download link provided below and open these files with VirtualNES Emulator. Easy as that! Now you can enjoy this old fighting game without the need of a Nintendo Console !

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