Ninja Gaiden Nintendo is a video game series developed and published by Tecmo for the Nintendo Entertainment System starting from 1988. The series is also known under the name of “Legend of the Ninja Dragon Sword” in Japan. You may probably wonder what does the word ‘gaiden’ mean? Well the japanesse translation is “side-story”, even though this video game series is not a spinoff of a previous series.

      The Ninja Gaiden Nintendo series gained popularity on the 8-bit NES for its tight action-platform gameplay, unique music and for being the first console video game that had the story presented in cinematic cutscenes. Remember this Nintendo video game? Here is a short Youtube video preview:

      This version of the game is a Double Dragon-style beat ’em up, in which you control a namess blue ninja as he travels to various regions of the US to eliminate an evil cult led by a fictional descendand of the great Nostradamus. You have a
Ninja Gaiden Nintendovariety of fighting techniques such as flying neck or back-flip. You can also obtain power-ups by throwing enemies into background objects. Cool ha? Ninja Gaiden Nintendo action takes place in various environments and there are only five kinds of enemies, but some levels have extra enemy types.

How can I play Ninja Gaiden Nintendo ?

       Simple! All you need to do in order to play Ninja Gaiden Nintendo game on your personal computer or laptop is get the game files from the download link provided below and open them with VirtualNES Emulator. So easy! Now you can enjoy this old game without the need of a Nintendo Console !

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