Kid Icarus Nintendo is an awesome action platform video game for Nintendo Entertainment System (Europe and North America). The first version of this game was released on December 1986, in Japan.

      The story of Kid Icarus Nintendo game follows Pit’s quest for three sacred treasures, which he must equip to rescue the fantasy world Angel Land and the godness Palutena. You’ll be controling Pit through various areas while fighting monsters and collect items, and your objective is to reach the end of all levels, find and defeat the monsters that protect the treasures. Remember this game? Maybe this game-play preview will help:

      Your primary weapon in Kid Icarus Nintendo is a bow and unlimited supply of arrows that can be upgraded with power-ups. The game keeps track of your score and increase your health bar at the end of each level if you’ve collected enough points on the way. The game worlds are divided in three stages – the surface world, the underworld and the sky world, each stage containing unique areas and levels.

How can I play Kid Icarus Nintendo ?

Kid Icarus Nintendo        Now let’s talk about how can you play Kid Icarus Nintendo without a Nintendo Console. Yes, this is real! All you need to do is download Kid Icarus Nintendo file from the link provided below and open it with VirtualNES Emulator – a great program that allows you to play old Nintendo games on your personal computer or laptop. No need to get an old console to play this game! Have fun!

So click on the download button below and enjoy this cool action/platform game in your PC!

      Trouble downloading Kid Icarus Nintendo ? Take time and read this page.

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