We developed Crime City Hack v1.1 for all you mafia themed game lovers ! Crime City is an amazing mafia game for Facebook social platform, developed and published by Funzio. The game offers you the chance to rule your city by competing with local gangsters, build various buildings or protecting you from rival attacks. The gameplay is based on how the players can manage to rule their city by eliminating all those who are on their way.

As you may already know, in order to get on top in this social mafia game, you will need a lot of ammo and weapons. And you can get them with the money (the game’s currency) which can be gained by completing various missions. But the process is sometimes slow and the hole game gets boring. You can also purchase the game currency with real money, but we advice you don’t do such a thing. Use Crime City Hack and you’ll definitely be pleased!

Crime City Hack

Sounds good right? Crime City Hack can generate any amount of money for your account ! In addition, you can enjoy all the extra features from the menu. All you need to do is get Crime City Hack from the download link provided below, extract and run Crime City Hack .exe. Select the desired amount of money then hit Hack button. Your money balance will be updated in just a few minutes, just make sure you are logged in your Facebook account when using our hack tool , as it automatically detects your info.

Is Crime City Hack v1.1 safe to use ?

Without a doubt! Crime City Hack is free and safe to use. The integrated proxy feature keeps your computer protected and the auto-update feature makes our hack unique. The cheat codes will update everytime you run Crime City Hack . Don’t let anyone get in your way ! This hack works also for Android and iOS powered devices! So download Crime City Hack and become the greatest mafia leader on Facebook !

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         Got problems while downloading Crime City Hack ? Read our site’s How To Download section. Also feel free to contact us any time. Thank You!

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