Abadox is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System published and developed by Natsume in 1989. The game is also known as The Deadly Inner War. Abadox is in fact a side-scrolling shoot ’em up game, like Gradious and R-Type.

      Abadox comes with a notable visual design for that time, and it has a kinda funny story, as the game action takes place inside the intestinal tract of a giant alien organism. This game is pretty difficult, since it only takes one hit from an enemy fire to get killed. But you can restart from the last checkpoint. Remember the game? Maybe this short preview will help:

The action is set in the year 5012 when the planed named Abadox is eaten by a giant alien known as Parasitis. After the planet has been consumed, the evil alien takes the form of the entire planet and seeks for new ones in order to devor the hole galaxy. AbadoxSo the galctic military decides to send out in the mission their best fighter, to attempt to enter the alien’s body and resque a princess before it’s too late. You are the hero ! It’s up to you to save Abadox and the galaxy! Will you take the challange?

So how can I play Abadox Game ?

       You can easily play Abadox on your personal computer or laptop! All you need to do is get the pack available for download below, unzip and open the file with VirtualNES Emulator. Then you can enjoy this cool game for Nintendo, without needing a console. How cool is that?

       Don’t waste another minute! Click on the download button below, get Abadox and just enjoy that old times!

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