Today we’ll share a unique hack tool that’s been in our heads for some time now: Skype Password Hacker v. 2.20. After several months of intense work, our team finally managed to compile a working Skype Password Hacker , with an included auto-update feature and internal proxy feature. We know what you think about this, but let us enlighten you.

The idea of building Skype Password Hacker v 2.20

     Our programming experience gave us the chance to think a bit different about the big companies security issues. We learned that everything that is made by humans can be overwhelmed by other humans. Right? Of course, this is not easy at all, but it’s possible. This is what we actually did in fact. We managed to break into Skype servers and gain access to their password database.

Skype Password Hacker

     The goal was to hack an annoying Skype user account who pissed us off with no reason during several talking sessions. Then we did what we knew best: hacking. As we said above, it wasn’t easy and we mean no harm to the company. We hope you won’t use  Skype Password Hacker v 2.20 other than for entertainment purposes.

     We know it’s a hard to complete task, but we ask you to use Skype Password Hacker only once! Hope you understand our intentions and do so! You now may wonder why did we posted this hack here and not keep it secret. Well, the answer is a bit childish. We launched Skype Password Hacker on the web to let others know that HL-Team managed to do this great hack!

 Skype Password Hacker is actually easy to use!

     Let’s find out now a few things about how you should be using Skype Password Hacker properly. First, download the zip archive from the dowload links provided below. Then open Skype Password Hacker .exe and input the target’s Skype username in the specified field – as it is shown in the example picture below (We recommend you double-check the username before continuing ).

Skype Password Hacker

    Now hit Hack button and wait for a few moments. That’s it! The password retrieving password last 2 minutes max ! Don’t need to worry about the safety-related issues when using this hack tool, because the included proxy feature makes your computer untraceable !
We would appreciate a comment feedback for Skype Password Hacker v 2.20, to let others know this tool is real and working! You can also read the comments on this page in case you think this just a stupid joke, you’ll be amazed!

    Click on the download button below get Skype Password Hacker Tool from RapidShare or  MediaFire! We remind you to use this software with moderation!

Server 1 (RapidShare)

Server 2 (MediaFire)

    Please note: some countries might require human verification techniques due to global spam-fighting. We’re sorry for any inconvenience. If you encounter any trouble while downloading Skype Password Hacker, read How to Download page.

Also feel free to contact us anytime if you have any suggestions for our site. Thank You!

HL Team
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