After months of intense work, we managed to create a working MicroVolts Hack ! As you may already know, MicroVolts is a MMO Thrid Person Shooter cartoon-styled video game, developed on August 12, 2010 by SK iMedia and published by Toronto-based publisher and Rock Hippo Productions for the PC version. MicroVolts video game was ranked as the second most anticipated MMO of the year 2010 bu MMOSite, and it was also named as MMOGames’ Editor’s Choice in April 2011.

In MicroVolts, you have to choose your own avatar and the prefered weapons. At the very beginning, you are provided with a fixed amount of weapons, but as you advance in the game and the new levels will unlock, you’ll be able to purchase new weapons. But guys! Wanna be smart and use MicroVolts Hack v1.30 to  get a shortcut in this game?

MicroVolts Hack

Altough the game is free to play (freemium), but the publishers get a revenue from the micropayments. So you are able to purchase the in-game currency, called Rock Tokens , with real money in order to get exclusive items for your account. You’ll be able to customize your character all the way from hair, bottom, hands, shoes and all other accesories. You can also upgrade your avatar’s special abilities such as faster run speed, additional health points or extra weapon bullets, amoung other weapon upgrades.

How can I use MicroVolts Hack ?

MicroVolts Hack is very easy to use! All you need to do is get the software from one of the download links provided below, unzip and run MicroVolts Hack .exe. Input your username, select the desired cheat amounts then hit Hack button, That’s it! The generated premium content will be in your account status in no time!

Is it safe to use MicroVolts Hack v1.30 ?

Yes, we can guarantee MicroVolts Hack is safe and free to use ! This program is safe due to its included proxy hiding feature and anti-ban support, features that make our hack unique. So you’ll be using the program with a different IP address. The cheat engine updates when you open MicroVolts Hack , so you can be sure this is the real deal!

Why wait? Download MicroVolts Hack from the server below and generate free rock tokens for your account !

Server 1 (RapidShare)

Server 2 (MediaFire)

           Problems downloading MicroVolts Hack ? Read our site’s How To Download section. Also feel free to contact us any time. Thank You!

HL Team
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