Megaman Nintendo Rom is a nes game pack that contains the first three releases of Megaman game for Nintendo (1987 – Rockman, 1988 – Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo and 1990 – Rockman 3 Dr. Wily no Saigo!?), produced by Capcom, also generally known as Rockman. If you’re an old game fan you should remember this great Action/Platform game. This YouTube video gameplay preview should fresh up your memory.

     Now that you remember Megaman Nintendo Rom, let’s talk a bit more about it’s story. Behind these original series, Rock, the main character, is an android created as a lab assistant by Doctor Light, a robot-related scientist. But Rock was converted into a battle robot years later, to defend the world from violent robotic threats, so he becomes Megaman.

     Megaman Nintendo Rom was distributed on individual ROM cartridges for Nintendo. Now you can play Megaman Nintendo Rom Game on you laptop or personal computer without a Nintendo console. Just get VirtualNES Emulator and download Megaman Nintendo Rom Pack from our download link below and enjoy this cool old game. All the three releases, included in the pack, are in nes format, so you just have to open each with the emulator in order to play  Megaman. Why wait? Get Megaman Nintendo Rom Pack now!

     Click on the download link below to download and play Megaman Nintendo Rom series.

     Trouble when downloading Megaman Nintendo Rom ? Take time to read this page.

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