Castlevania Nintendo Rom, also known as Devil’s Castle Dracula, is a Nintendo game series created and developed by Konami for Nintendo Entertaining Systems, centered around vampire fighting and other undead creatures, all leading up to a legendary confruntation with no other than Count Dracula! Here’s one slight game-play preview of Castlevania Nintendo Rom:

     Castlevania Nintendo Rom was released in 1986, as a typical platform game where the player takes the role of Simon Belmont, a member of the famous vampire hunter clan named Belmont. He travels to Dracula’s castle and his goal is to destroy Dracula and the entire castle! Will you manage to take this mission to succes? Your main weapon, as you may already know, is the so-called “Vampire Killer”.

     Castlevania Nintendo Rom came with a change in traditional platform game-play introducing an open-ended form of gameplay, due to the game’s non-linear unique design. We played and enjoyed this game when we were kids, and we’re sure you did too. So do not hesitate and download Castlevania Nintendo Rom and play it on your laptop or personal computer for free. Remember, first you’ll have to download and install the VirtualNES Emulator, a program you will be using in order to play Castlevania Nintendo Rom on your operating system.

     Click on the download link below and enjoy this cool platform game for Nintendo!

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